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Daily Chinese

The simplest way to grow your Chinese vocabulary

Learn words and idioms through daily reviews guided by spaced-repetition

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Master over 9,000 words

Learn both traditional and simplified characters

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Utilize spaced repetition

Our review algorithm makes your study as efficient as possible

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Own your vocabulary

Watch your vocabulary collection grow as you complete reviews


Useful and unique word packs

Memorize idioms, grammar terms, HSK vocabulary and more with over 40 word packs that you won’t find anywhere else

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The simple tool for serious learners

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"I’ve tried a lot of different apps to learn Chinese and I can confidently say this is the best. I finally feel like I found the app I’ve been looking for."

Drake and Josh


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five stars

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Progress Tracking

Collect words and idioms

Monitor your review progress and always know the exact size of your vocabulary

Start growing your Chinese vocabulary

The simplest way to master words and idioms

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