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Daily Chinese is a spaced-repetition flashcard app that grows and tracks your Chinese vocabulary. Get it now on both iOS and Android.

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The Essential Chinese Vocabulary Tool

Form a Daily Habit

Generate daily reviews from expertly assembled vocabulary lists. No more wasting time making flashcard decks.

Practice With Purpose

A spaced-repetition formula guides your daily practice so that you never forget the characters you learn.

Track Your Progress

Watch your vocabulary grow as the words and idioms you memorize are added to your vocabulary collection.

Word Packs

For Experts and Beginners

Start with the basics, prepare for the HSK, or discover Chinese Internet slang. We have unique and helpful vocabulary lists that you won't find anywhere else.

Word packs

Progress Tracking

Own Your Vocabulary

Collect words, characters, and idioms by completing daily reviews. Monitor your review progress and always know the exact size of your vocabulary.

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Start Mastering Chinese Characters

Get it now on both iOS and Android.